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Albert Guida & Conner McCubbin

Albert Guida & Conner McCubbin

Corporate Registered Investment Advisor


Albert Guida Jr. and Conner McCubbin serve individuals and businesses in matters of personal and professional finance. As the leaders of the office, we are proud to deliver a solid foundation for the financial future of our clients, each and every day.

Located in Henderson, Nevada, our office currently serves clients in over 15 states across the country. 

Your needs and goals are as unique as you are, and your financial strategy should follow suit. Our office provides personal service, and a level of attention and professionalism that we believe should be standard across the financial industry.

While many investment advisors focus solely on individuals in or approaching retirement, our office also specializes in working with young professionals. Whether you have just graduated college, are a young manager, or a fledgling business owner, we will partner with you to help you understand the investment process, and provide guidance when it comes to investment options and products.

If you are hungry to succeed, and envision a prosperous future - give our office a call today. You don’t have to wait until you are getting ready to retire to create sound financial strategies. Begin the journey toward your future wealth success today.