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Complimentary Services

Committed to meeting all of your financial needs, our office also offers the following complimentary services:

Couple Financial Counseling

Are you and your significant other engaged or newly married? Discussing your finances with a professional, can help you get a healthy start on building your future wealth, as a team. Laying all the financial cards on the table in a professional setting, where solutions and guidance are readily available, can cut down on tension in a fresh relationship. We can help couples construct a plan to conquer debt, save money as a unit, and prepare for the monetary hurdles of starting a family.

Contract Reviews

Professionals who are interviewing for new positions, and established professionals who are receiving a promotion, should understand the contracts they are signing. We help individuals see through text-heavy contracts, and gain insight into their retirement benefits and insurance costs. Creating a comprehensive breakdown of their proposed base salary, we will show a client how far their money can go during the life of the contract. Do not sign a contract you don’t understand, and without first going over your options.


Most people have been advised at one point in time or another, to create a budget. Easier said than done, right? With our help, budgeting can be beneficial, and stress free. We use a combination of old and new school techniques, to make budgeting easier for professionals. Take control of your expenses and maximize your savings, with our complimentary budgeting service.

Second Opinions

When we say we like to talk about finances, we mean it. There is an abundance of opportunity when it comes to investments, and we have the knowledge to help you invest appropriately. Let us take a look at your current portfolio and positions, and offer a fresh perspective.

Whatever your future ambitions and goals happen to be, our firm can help you reach them. Call today to get started.

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